How to conduct an inheritance case in order to cancel a discriminatory  will?

Objection to execution of a will – what does it involve and how will it help me to win the inheritance?

Undue influence – was undue influence exerted on the testator justifying cancellation of the will?

Involvement in the making of a will – were the principal beneficiary in the will or his spouse involved in the making of the will in a manner that disqualifies them from inheriting?

Forged will – how to you prove that a will was forged or made under circumstances justifying its cancellation?

Incompetence to make a will – how do you cancel a will that was signed when the testator had Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, retardation or illness?

Helpless person – how do you prevent a situation in which a helpless person signs a will against his will? How do you prevent exploitation and misappropriation of a helpless person?

Is a ward for whom a guardian was appointed competent to make a will?

How can I attend to the special needs of the family business?

Estate division – who is entitled to inherit and how is the estate divided when the deceased left no will after him (inheritance by law)?

Do the testator’s family members (children, wife, common law marriage, parents) have rights to receive alimony from the estate?

Managing the inheritance/business – which child will inherit the business? Do other children have rights in the business or will they only be financially compensated? 

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