Professional services

In the most difficult of times you are entitled to receive our courteous, personal and professional service that is provided out of sincere and honest understanding of the emotional difficulties you experience.

Our comprehensive service is provided to you so that you will be able to cope with the burden that accompanies loss – it is at these critical moments that you should entrust our firm with all bureaucratic and legal matters as our firm is capable of handling such cases 24 hours a day while providing personal and dedicated assistance in a sensitive and professional manner.

  • Handling bureaucracy involved with the Inheritance Registrar to receive an inheritance order/probate quickly.
  • Handling efficient and quick division of the estate among the inheritors.
  • Tracking all the deceased’s property and assets.
  • Protecting your rights as inheritors.
  • Examining the legal status of wills in the event of inheritance disputes.
  • Examining and correcting technical flaws in wills.
  • Managing complex and sensitive inheritance disputes.
  • Representation in proceedings to cancel discriminatory wills (objection to execution of a will).
  • Proof of undue influence on the testator by the beneficiary.
  • Proof of improper involvement on behalf of the inheritor in making the will in his behalf.

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